Stadsnomade x Bonnefanten Museum

On December 5th we team up with the fabulous BONNEFANTEN MUSEUM. As part of the finnissage of MARGARET KILLGALLEN’s exhibition ‘that’s where the beauty is.’


We are SUPER STOKED to share with you today, that we’ll install the Stadsnomade miniramp  in the TOWER(Cupola) of the museum. A lucky few will ride it, throwing out tricks in a “BestTrick & tricks4goodies contest”


A total of 30 skaters will rip the ramp, during three seperate jams(16-/16+/18+).  The museum has provided us with three TOYMACHINE skateboard decks, with artworks by the amazing MARGARET KILLGALLEN (RIP), for the winners to grabsss!


Special thanks to SKATEDELUXE for providing us with goodies for rippers!


Each jam will take 45 minutes. Riders take turns. Jury by Stadsnomade crew. Tunes by Aircouch.


Register below





First jam: 16- (Warming up starts by 12.30. Jam starts by 13.00)

Second jam: 16+ (Warmin up starts by 14.00. Jams starts by 14.30)

Third jam: 18+ (Warming up starts by 15.30. Jam starts by 16.00)




***Jam riders don’t pay an entrance fee at the door. Due to COVID only 10 skaters can participate per jam (which generally will be the Jam riders). All riders will be asked for a QR upon arrival. Please bear with us.